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Forequarter parts explanation

Forequarter parts

These beef products can be processed in various ways: as semi-finished products, split and PAD as well as portioned. We are able to weigh all varieties in any desired weight range, and select them based on marbling and fat coverage. Options are vast in terms of packaging as well. We supply forequarter parts in all kinds of cuts, PAD and semi-finished, fresh or frozen.

Hindquarter parts explanation

Hindquarter parts

Hindquarter parts can be processed in all kinds of ways. Such as semi-finished, portioned parts, split and PAD parts. Each product can be weighed and selected to your preference. You may want to choose based on marbling, fat coverage and weight range, for example. Our products are delivered fresh or frozen in all kinds of cuts, both PAD and semi-finished. And of course, you are given a comfortable number of options when it comes to packaging as well.


Mixed cuts explanation

Mixed cuts

Your specific requirements inform the selection of these mixed cuts based on composition and fat percentage. We create the perfect mix for any beef product and the ideal composition for any minced meat product, carpaccio, steak tartare or snack.

By-product explanation


In addition to beef itself, Hutten Beef offers a wide range of beef products. We offer a varied range of by-products such as liver, heart, hanger steak and all other organs.


Good Taste comes with Age


Huts Famous Cuts is our premium beef label. Our carefully selected Dutch dairy cows have 4 to 6 years to gradually develop their flavour. This is unmatched anywhere in the world. Only the best cows are selected by our inspectors and processed into top-notch beef for the hospitality and retail industries.