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Quality in every step

The Hutten Beef slaughtering process is all about hygiene and efficiency. Every step is tended to with great care, from the supply of Dutch cows to slaughtering and processing under a single roof. In addition to craftsmanship, the quality and efficiency of the process determine the high quality of our beef products and semi-finished products.

Factory flow

Supply of cows

We work with a large number of selected Dutch suppliers of cows in order to ensure continuity. Whenever cows are being delivered, official NVWA [Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority] veterinarians are always present. They supervise our careful treatment of the animals continuously. We meet the highest requirements for accommodating and transporting cows.


The slaughtering process is designed to minimise stress to the cows. Our people receive special training and courses, and animal welfare officers check that the rules are being observed. The stables and areas for anaesthetics and slaughter are supervised by one or several official veterinarians.


In addition to being a beef slaughterhouse, Hutten Beef is also specialised in further processing of the beef. Once slaughtered, we process the cows to create a wide range of beef products. We can fine-tune our processing to specific requirements, cultures and habits from all over the world.


We process beef for every application, tailored to your needs. As a specialist in selection, we offer a broad choice of beef products and semi-finished products. We are able to make a detailed selection based on weight as well as colour, marbling and fat coverage. Split, PAD, with or without the bone, the possibilities are vast.


Our advanced packaging line ensures that the beef products are packaged carefully and with a high degree of accuracy, precisely in accordance with specifications. The possibilities are vast. Vacuum packed, frozen, large and small volumes, whatever your needs may be.


On a daily basis, our clients count on flexible logistics, optimal traceability and delivery at the right address, right on time. Our entire transportation process meets the most stringent requirements for food safety. The right refrigeration, hygiene without compromises: our top-notch quality is assured on the road just as well.