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Beef with versatile qualities

Hutten Beef’s beef is sourced from selected Dutch cows. The meat shows character in its flavour, is deliciously tender and breathes high-quality craftsmanship. The market is demanding increasing degrees of flexibility and diversity. No two solutions are the same. But our customers know where to find the same continuous quality: with Hutten Beef.

Breaam certification

Sustainability got its fair share of attention in the design and construction of our building. Today, our premise holds the 4-star BREAAM Excellent New Construction and Renovation Delivery Certificate. BREAAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. This international quality label assesses the sustainability performance of buildings.

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NH3–cooling installation

The environmentally friendly NH3 cooling installation makes up the heart of our slaughterhouse. This energy-efficient piece of thermal technology does not emit any CO2. The installation takes care of pre-heating of water, treats ventilation air and heats the offices. The remaining heating is provided by heat pumps.

Deliberate two-floor split

Our building has two floors instead of one, which limits the loss of heat and cold. Slaughtering takes place upstairs, by-products are processed downstairs. In order to save energy, the building was designed to prevent large temperature differences.

Utilising produced heat

As meat is being processed, heat is released. We want to utilise this heat, including heat from the cows themselves, in a smart way. For example, for drying the transportation vehicle cleaning facility. Or for heating the road to the loading and unloading bay in order to ensure it remains safe to access at all times.