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Beef with versatile qualities

Hutten Beef’s beef is sourced from Dutch cows. The meat has character, is full of flavour, deliciously tender and breathes high-quality craftsmanship. The market demands increasing flexibility and diversity. No two solutions are the same. But our clients know where to get continuous quality: with Hutten Beef.

The certainty of traceability

Our clients each have different requirements, but they all rely on the same high quality. A transparent journey from cow to client is a certainty they all value. Each batch of beef can be tracked & traced with full transparency. From origin, transportation and processing to selection, packaging and distribution; each step in the process is easy to trace back.

Responsible slaughter and processing

Hutten Beef creates the right circumstances for the supply of top-quality beef. Tailored to each specific client, flavour and culture. The quality of our beef products resonates in every step from slaughter to processing. The entire process is all about hygiene, food safety and animal wellbeing.

Respect for the cow

Our work is based on great respect for the animal. The wellbeing of the cow is key. And the health of the animal is closely related to its wellbeing. Our guidelines and procedures with respect to handling the animals are strict. From keeping transportation as brief as possible, to inspections and accommodation in the stables and the slaughtering process itself.

Quality assured

Our operation, technology and slaughtering process meet the most stringent requirements for quality, hygiene, food safety and animal wellbeing.

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Education and training

We combine authentic craftsmanship with up-to-date professionals and facilities. Our employees are offered various internal training courses. This keeps their knowledge and skills at the right level in order to guarantee continuous quality of our beef products.